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    2. VELUX GGU MK04 0070 White Centre Pivot Window 780x980mm


      VELUX GGU MK04 0070 White Centre Pivot Window 780x980mm

      £280.98 £234.15

      The VELUX GGL Pine centre-pivot roof windows offer excellent quality, versatility and value for money.

      Product features:
      - Comfortable and easy to use top control bar.
      - The window rotates 180° in its frame for easy and safe cleaning.
      - Excellent value for money and easy to install.
      -?White polyurethane finish that is ideal for contemporary interiors and white ceilings.GGU windows also provide the perfect solution to bathroom windows with a waterproof finish.
      - A wide range of blinds and sun protection accessories are available.
      -?Safety 0070 Double glazing with laminated inner pane and toughened outer pane.

      The VELUX?New Generation?is the result of years of research, design and testing – all of it based directly on feedback from VELUX customers. It has helped to create windows that offer three key improvements:

      - More daylight?– same standard window sizes but with a redesigned frame and sash to provide 18% larger glazed area.
      -More comfort?– new features for added usability include a newly designed ergonomic control bar, click-on covers with less screws and an improved exterior finish which is softer and more discrete.
      - More energy efficiency?– new ThermoTechnologyTM incorporates insulating material in the frame of the window, increasing energy efficiency.

      On top of those benefits, you will also find features that make the New Generation of VELUX roof windows even easier to install including an?easy-open?box design, click-on cover parts and a single bracket for both recessed and standard installation.

      More Information
      More Information
      Offer Product?No
      Shipping TypeVelux Standard Delivery
      Popular Product?Yes
      Window - SizeMK04 - 780x978mm
      Window - FinishWhite (PU)
      Window - Glazing0070 - Standard Safety Glazing
      AvailabilityGenerally available in 3 working days.
      020 8254 0066 真金跑得快棋牌