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    2. Keylite Ridge Roof Windows

      Keylite Ridge Roof Windows

      Keylite Ridge (RD) roof windows may be installed along the roof ridge to maximise light and space at the highest point of the pitched ceiling. Keylite RD roof windows are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications, and are available for the following ranges: Centre Pivot (CP), Top Hung (TH), Conservation (CW) and White Finish (WF) Roof Windows all with the option of an Integral Blind (I).

      • Usually installed in out-of-reach locations, these roof windows may be electrically operated by hand-held remote control or a wall-mounted switch.
      • The installation of Keylite RD Roof Windows is very similar to standard roof window installation.
      • The roof windows must be positioned in a way to avoid opening without the sashes colliding.
      • Keylite RD roof windows that are positioned 280mm or greater below the ridge can be fitted using standard Keylite Flashings.
      • Windows that are positioned less than 280mm will require Keylite RD Flashings.
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