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    2. Fakro Highly Energy Efficient Windows

      Fakro Highly Energy Efficient Windows
      • Special roof windows for energy-efficient construction and passive buildings. The glazing units are installed to the specially designed sash frames.
      • The sashes have widened frames when compared to standard windows.
      • Such a structure minimises the phenomenon of thermal bridges and better window insulation.
      • The pivot window with hinge situated above the centre of the window height, so even a tall person can comfortably stand at the open window.
      • The special window design with widened sash frames and quadruple sealing system. Convenient way to use the window as the handle is located at the bottom of the sash.
      • Easy cleaning of the outer pane and operating the awning blind with the use of blocking sash bolt when sash rotated through 180 degrees.
      • High quality pine wood, glued in layers, vacuum impregnated. Double coated wood with ecological acrylic lacquer in natural colour. Increased resistance to burglary - topSafe system. A wide range of accessories. Suitable for roof pitches 15 to 70 degrees.
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