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    2. EMAC Metal Furring (MF) Ceiling System

      EMAC Metal Furring (MF) Ceiling System

      SAS Internationals MF (Metal Furring) suspension grid is made up of a number of components which are fixed together to form the suspension grid to which the plasterboard is fixed.

      Concealed grid MF suspended ceiling systems are suitable for most internal dry lining applications and are ideal for applications where services are to be accommodated and when upgrading and protecting existing structures.

      The fully concealed grid is made up from EMAC5 Ceiling Section, EMAC7 Primary Support Channel, EMAC6 Perimeter Channel, 25 x 25mm Galvanised Angle Hangers and EMAC9 Connecting Clips. These are suspended from the existing soffit/floor above and by using varying lengths of galvanised angle for hangers allow the finished ceiling height to suit the amount of services to be hidden and the level at with the ceiling is required.

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