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    2. Catnic CG90/100 2400mm


      Catnic CG90/100 2400mm

      £74.41 £62.01
      • Internal insulation: Maximising thermal efficiency minimising cold bridging
      • Duplex corrosion protection: Ensures optimum durability and longevity
      • Built in DPC: Saves time in construction and means cavity is easy to clean without risk of damage to DPC
      • Built in plaster key: With staggered slots applied to the perforated steel baseplate

      Technical Information

      Inner Leaf: 100 - 115mm

      Cavity: 90 - 105mm

      Outer Leaf: 100 - 105mm

      More Information
      More Information
      AvailabilityGenerally available in 2 working days.
      Offer Product?Yes
      Popular Product?No
      Shipping TypeSteel Lintels
      020 8254 0066 真金跑得快棋牌