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    2. Building Materials

      • Bricks and Block Work

        Condell Ltd supplies a vast range of new metric and imperial facing and engineering bricks. If you have a new build project and you have not yet specified a brick then contact us first.
      • Paving

        In addition to quality aggregates and bricks Condell Ltd specialises in the supply of natural stone - both Indian and natural York stone. Condell will also source and supply any paving you may require, from Marshalls or Bradstone to Stonemarket products.
      • Footings

        The beginning of every great building project. If the foundations are correct then it will make for a smoother running project from the word go. Condell Ltd can supply everything you require to get your build out of the ground, from waste management, skips, muck-away and even organising skip licensing.
      • Concrete Products

      • Landscaping

        We have a good range of hard and soft landscaping materials that provide the perfect finishing touch to your project.
      • Builders Metalwork

      We can't find products matching the selection.
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